Serve host on VM - needs restart to work

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I am using cloud VM to work on and I am following the process to write ray serve app with fastapi.
First starting local ray cluster within my environment with:

ray start --head --dashboard-host

then starting ray serve:

serve start --http-host
serve run --reload serve:app

Then I can access the endpoint of the VM, I have lets say “/test”, without issues. But then after I for example change code or break something in the app and then again start it with:

serve run --reload serve:app

The requests get ignored as if I did not set host to Then IF I shutdown serve and start it again with

serve start --http-host
serve run --reload serve:app

I can send requests again no problem.


serve run --host --reload serve:app

works without issues but shows deprecation warning
ray version=2.9.2