Selecting best checkpoint to keep training in tune

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Hi, I’ve been training a PPO agent in a jupyter notebook using analysis =, I’ve added a checkpoint_freq=10 and checkpoint_at_end=True as arguments. I want to load the best agent without using the ‘analysis’ object since this one is only available at the current python session (using the .get_best_trial).I’ve tried to instantiate a new ExperimentAnalysis object by providing the path to the .json file representing that specific run but I cannot use .best_get_trial the same wayThere seems to be a bit of confusion about the whole saving/loading agents procedure, if someone could please clarify the process I think it would be very helpful to the communityThanks

analysis =
name='PPO_run_1') checkpoints = analysis.get_trial_checkpoints_paths(
trial=analysis.get_best_trial('episode_reward_mean', mode='max'),
metric='episode_reward_mean') checkpoint_path = checkpoints[0][0] agent = PPOTrainer(config=config, env='TradingEnv')

This is the code I’ve been using so far, if for some reason the python session isn’t available, the “analysis” object cannot be used anymore.