Seeing error on terminal with serve run

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When I run serve run on the CLI and there is a bug in my code. It’ll inform me that the deployment fails but not why it fails.

serve run --host=""
2022-11-10 08:38:28,012.INFO -- Deploying from import path: "".                                                                                                                                  


RuntimeError: Deployment AttributePredictionAPI is UNHEALTHY: The Deployment constructor failed 3 times in a row. See logs for details.

If I look at the logs, there are so many of them and I perhaps don’t know where to look specifically. That could be one learning point for me.

But I was wondering, how do I actually make it display on the terminal itself why it didn’t work. It would be great to get instant feedback on the terminal.

If it helps, my error was treating a ray actor as a normal object in the deployment constructor

class AttributePredictionAPI:
    def __init__(self, ..):
        self.predictor = Predictor(arg1) # <---------- this should have been Predictor.remote(arg1)

Hi @rabraham , this is great feedback! I agree it would be more convenient to see the traceback instead of just “See logs for details.” Do you mind filing an enhancement request on the Ray Github?