Sample ray autoscaling config


I am starting ray cluster manually and I would like to know the details about ray_bootstrap_config.yaml specified as argument to --autoscaling-config , also will autoscaler process start if I start ray head node with command -
ray start --head


ray start --head will not automatically use the ray autoscaler.

What is the reason for doing a manual autoscaling cluster? I think these docs would help:

@rliaw I am starting ray cluster manually on baremetal machines, I was hoping to see an example autoscaler yaml file.

Did you take a look at the link? It should answer the questions:

You can get started by filling out the fields in the provided ray/python/ray/autoscaler/local/example-full.yaml. Be sure to specify the proper head_ip , list of worker_ips , and the ssh_user field.

@rliaw Thanks, I thought Kubernetes was a requirement for using the YAML that you pointed. seems like it is not, if bare-metal can spawn containers then ray can autoscale, right?

Should be right. In fact no need for containers in the first place.

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