Runtime_env error


I am running a cluster on k8s, and I am also using fargate for the worker nodes. Now the problem I am trying to solve generally is to be able to send third-party packages, local .py files, modules etc. I can see this is a common issue.

Now even a very simple attempt “runtime_env = {“pip”: [“statsmodels==0.13.0”]}” seems to fail. I am getting this.

" an error occurred forwarding 10001 → 10001: error forwarding port 10001 to pod"

I am using WSL subsystem.

Is this generally the state of the runtime_env option (considering it is new, relatively untested), meaning unstable. Or am I doing something wrong here?

I’m not that much into it, however we are using runtime envs and they work quite okay.
As you mentioned you are using WSL, that might be the problem here. As far as I understood windows support is not yet as mature as Linux and Mac. Do you have any possibility testing with Linux or Mac?

Maybe you can also add some more details on how you connect with your k8 cluster?