Running Ray-task in worker process

I’m trying to understand if ray worker process can run multiple tasks in parallel.
I know that Ray-actor can run with multithreading, but for tasks I couldn’t find similar definitions.
It looks like only single Ray-task can run on ray worker process at at time - am I correct? if not, where can I find an example?

In addition, we want to run tasks with the runtime_env option. it this case, how does the mechanism work? in a test I did, it looks like it checks if an available worker process with this runtime_env exists, and if not, (assuming it has the resources in this node) it kills a previous worker process and opens a new one. Is that correct?


Ray only supports one task to be running in a single process (for python).

@architkulkarni can you address the runtime env question?

Hi @Noa_Gur, that’s correct regarding runtime_env. I’m not sure of the exact timing, but basically there’s a soft limit for the total number of worker processes which is enforced periodically by killing unused workers.