RLlib tutorial contains deprecated code

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When I try running the code from the following tutorial: RLlib: Industry-Grade Reinforcement Learning — Ray 2.6.0 I get the following warnings:

  • You have specified 1 evaluation workers, but your evaluation_interval is None! Therefore, evaluation will not occur automatically with each call to Algorithm.train(). Instead, you will have to call Algorithm.evaluate() manually in order to trigger an evaluation run.

  • RayDeprecationWarning: This API is deprecated and may be removed in future Ray releases. You could suppress this warning by setting env variable PYTHONWARNINGS=“ignore::DeprecationWarning”
    The JsonLogger interface is deprecated in favor of the ray.tune.json.JsonLoggerCallback` interface and will be removed in Ray 2.7.

  • 3 more similar “RayDeprecationWarning: This API is deprecated…” warnings for ray.tune

Is the updated version of this code available anywhere?

Would anyone be able to tell me where I can find the most up-to-date documentation?

I’m trying to learn RLlib, but I keep seeing different functions that seem to be doing similar things and I’m not quite sure which ones are the most recent.