Rllib train config error to generate output

I was following the example command here:

and trying to run this snippet:
rllib train --run=PG --env=CartPole-v1 --config=‘{“output”: “/tmp/cartpole-out”, “output_max_file_size”: 5000000}’ --stop=‘{“timesteps_total”: 100000}’

I keep getting following error:
No such command ‘/tmp/cartpole-out,’.

Anyone have any idea what could be the issue? Thank you!

What you pasted can not be run on my end.
If you modify occurrences of ’ and " a little, you end up with:

rllib train --run=PG --env=CartPole-v1 --config='{"output": "/tmp/cartpole-out", "output_max_file_size": 5000000}' --stop='{"timesteps_total": 100000}'

Which runs fine on my end.