[RLlib] Please help me with learning resource about environement configuration of rlib library

Hi, I’m trying to follow along with a tutorial for deep reinforcement learning for stock prediction in a warehouse from this articlehttps://towardsdatascience.com/deep-reinforcement-learning-for-supply-chain-optimization-3e4d99ad4b58

However I’m really new to rlib and I still don’t know how to configure the environment in this line of code here:

env_config = {} # Change environment parameters here

There’s an error that stops the program when I reach that line of code above so I can’t continue

("Unknown config key `{}`, all keys: {}".format( Exception: Unknown config key `vf_share_layer`, all keys: ['fcnet_hiddens', 'fcnet_activation', 'conv_filters', 'conv_activation', 'free_log_std', 'no_final_linear', 'vf_share_layers', 'use_lstm', 'max_seq_l'}

Can anyone link me to any article or doc/paper so I can learn more about what’s happening?

Hi @AdstraCat here are the relevant docs about configuring environments: