Regarding HttpProxyActor

I am trying Ray Serve, I have written a sample deployment , to simulate real time environment I have used time.sleep(0.5) in my method.

Now when I call the serve deployment endpoints concurrently for 1000 invocations HttpProxyActor Cpu usage is going to 100% and HttpProxyActor is getting stopped.

What parameters would help me over here? Please reply …

def summarize(text, endpointname):
# Load model
reversedString = reverseMyText(text)
return reversedString

Hi @Vikas_Mavoori , could you give more details about the HTTPProxyActor getting stopped? How does it get stopped, is there an error or traceback you can share?

Hi Archit,

I found the solution to my issue. I have used time.sleep which is stopping the execution synchronously.

Later to resolve it I used asyncio and it solved the issue.

Anyways, thanks for the reply.


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