Redirect ray logs to a folder

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I would like to be able to let ray know in which folder to put all of its logs in the current session (by giving it the explicit folder name)

Right now as far as I understand I can redirect all of the ray temp folder which includes a lot of other things, handles etc…

currently in the /tmp/ray we have:
session_latest link and all previous sessions

inside it we have logs, ports_by_node.json, runtime_resources, sockets and inside each one we have a lot of data

how can i extract only the logs folder ?
I don’t want to redirect stderr, but just give a folder to ray start where the logs should go or something along those lines

Did I understand that you’d like to specify your own log folder, but not want to change the temp folder. Is it correct?

yes, the reason behind this that in our system all logs that are put in a specific location are collected automatically but tmp folder includes a lot more

I think this is not supported now (it seems like only temp folder change is supported). If you don’t mind moving temp directory together, you can specify --temp-dir to ray start. Otherwise, please create a feature request!