Recommended way to submit ray job programmatically?

I’ve been using the ray submit command to launch new tune jobs, but I’m realizing that I want to adjust the arguments programmatically (eg use a configuration file to build up the arguments). In looking at , it appears that the exec command is a pretty thin wrapper around exec_cluster, so I’m thinking of leveraging that. However, I notice that exec_cluster is located in ray.autoscaler._private.commands. Is the usage of that function discouraged and if so, is there another function in Ray that I should use instead to kick off my tuning job on a cluster?

Hey @matthew.cox, thanks a bunch for reaching out!

We actually have an interface that we’re currently working on - ray.autoscaler.sdk. It may have backwards incompatible changes. You’ll find a run_on_cluster command which is going to soon be more stable than _private.commands.

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Thanks! I’ve give that a whirl, knowing that there will likely be breaking changes in the future. Would it be valuable to the development for me to provide feedback if I experience anything notable, or is it early enough stage that I should wait until the design has solidified first?

I think it would be valuable to the development to receive any feedback :slight_smile: