How to submit a job to a local_mode cluster

I’m looking to set up a ray cluster for local testing. I can start a cluster fine in python using

import ray

However, if I want to submit a job to this cluster, I’d like to use ray submit, but it requires a cluster configuration. This configuration is set implicitly probably in the command above, but I wouldn’t know how to access it. How can I submit a job to the cluster started locally?

I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to do here - could you tell me more about why you need local mode?

I am testing out the platform, and would like to use some mode that runs locally (docker would be fine as well), just to see how things work. I understand this may be a bit artificial. The local_mode allows me to try out simple scripts without starting a cluster, perfect for learning and testing. However I was wondering how to do other things as well, such as submitting a script. I know next to nothing about Ray, so this may not make sense, if so, I would appreciate enlightenment.

Ah, you could just do:


and it’ll work on a local machine without needing to start a cluster.

Ray submit is just a helper script to send scripts to a remote cluster.