Ray Version Numbering

The Ray master nightly builds recently jumped from version number 1.2.0 to 2.0.0.

Is there a written policy as to how version numbers are assigned?

Are there API-breaking changes in 2.0 that the community should know about?

Also, is there any reason why version numbers are used for master builds, at all? If you always want to use master, then you need to know if a new version number has been released, to get the latest nightly build. ray install-nightly seems to stick within a given version. Maybe master builds could be called “master” or similar, rather than having some sort of (arbitrary?) version number assigned.

Hi Andrew, the next release will not be Ray 2.0, in fact there currently is no timeline or roadmap for 2.0 at all. The reason why we introduced this change is to make sure that the version number on master is always greater than any release that comes in the near future, so that pip and other package managers know that this is the most recent version.

Previously we adjusted the version string for the current master for each release, with the change to 2.0 we’re free from that for at least several months.


Thanks, very useful context. So 2.0 is effectively a “placeholder”, and not a real version. Got it.

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