Ray timeline custom events

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I try a demo and get a timeline file. it shows like below.

my script is:

import ray


def f(x):
    return x * x

future = f.remote(2.0)
value = ray.get(future)

import time

submit_task is in ray core and task::f is my own function. I want to know when ray.get(future) is executed. What should I do? Is there an in-build function to do this?
something likes this

do some

By custom events, I can figure out how tasks or actors work on different nodes.

Unfortunately there is no public API for this, but there is a private API for profiling events. I think this is a useful addition, so I went ahead and opened a github issue to track this.

For now, you can use the private API, but note that this may get deprecated without warning in future releases.

import ray._private.profiling as profiling

with profiling.profile("custom event"):