Ray Serve does not update code on gcp cluster

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Ray 2.4.0, python 3.10, cluster on GCP

I would like to update serve deployments without restarting cluster. But I met the following issue.
When I tried to update code (Set another runtime_env.working_dir config parameter value and do serve deploy config.json), serve status says that deployments are updating:
name: default
message: ‘’
deployment_timestamp: 1686651268.6050997

  • name: default_DLModelProcessor
    status: HEALTHY
    message: ‘’
  • name: default_Backend
    status: UPDATING
    message: ‘’

but when I do a request to serve application a cycle of node launchings and terminatings appeared, as DLModelProcessor deployment failed: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named \'holistic_inference\'\n'
I thinks, that on a new node new version of working_dir is downloaded, while on the head node we have the outdated one.
How can I update the code of deployments without cluster’s restarting?