Ray Kubenetes Operator Logs

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I use Ray Kubernetes Operator to deploy a ray cluster on AKS.

  1. I found there are a lot of logs from ray-operator pod, how can I reduce the log level of the operator pod or how can I stop these logs as standard output? Because too many logs will increase the burden of our azure logs aggregator.

  2. I have a question about the timestamps of logs on ray dashboard, I posted it here Timestamps of logs on Dashboard is wrong, could anyone help me with this issue? (Here I use rayproject/ray:1.13.0 as base image)


Tracking log verbosity here: [Ray operator] Reduce log level of Ray operator logs · Issue #26027 · ray-project/ray · GitHub
I will fix that soon. For the dashboard issue, I will follow up on the relevant thread.

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Marking as resolved – we’ll track the issue on GitHub.