Ray job submission question

In many places in the ray documentation, the ray address is set as:

export RAY_ADDRESS=""

for example, in the job submission AI: Ray Job Submission: Going from your laptop to production — Ray v1.10.0

So, as far as I knew by default this port is for the dashboard, and 10001 was used by default for submitting jobs. I was submitting a job through a script from outside the cluster (without using the SDK) and when I used this port, I had to reset the cluster.

So is it the case that when I use the dashboard SDK, I can basically use the same port for viewing the dashboard and actually submitting jobs to it and when doing it “raw” I should use port 10001 assuming that everything is configured with the default port IDs?

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Job submission is to post the request to the dashboard API server. The code is running in driver mode.

10001 is ray client server port. And the request is running in client mode.

In driver mode, it’s like you have logged into the cluster and call ray.init(address="auto")

In client mode, it’s an RPC connection between your local laptop/server and ray cluster and using the RPC to pass command to the driver in the ray cluster.


so, when to use client mode,and when to use driver mode.
i am confused .
i have a server for submitting job to ray, which to choose?

If you’re connecting to your server from your laptop, client mode is the way to go.

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