Ray init() very slow


I am new at using Ray, I find it wonderful, I had to divest from multiprocessing because it was not working optimally inside a class. My only issue with Ray, and I don’t understand it, is that for use on my laptop or even a way bigger computer (always on Windows 10), Ray init() is very slow, it takes between 10 and 15 seconds in average.

It might be the time necessary for it, I don’t know, but that I would like to make sure. Or is there a way that on my laptop the initialization takes a fraction of a second? I am used to the multiprocessing package for which there is not such a thing and the initialization of pools does not take forever like that.

Thank you for your help!

This is not supposed to take 10~15 seconds for sure. Have you tried this with WSL instead of just Windows 10? It could be just a known issue for Windows Ray.

Thank you sangcho for your answer.
Indeed, ray.init() takes no time on WSL.
I haven’t found anything discussing this problem for Windows Ray, should I report it?

We are collecting known windows issues here; Known issues on Windows · Issue #9114 · ray-project/ray · GitHub