Ray equivalent API for train_test_split

Hi ,

Is there a ray equivalent API for train_test_split . I am trying to run tensorflow on Ray. Need to split the data into train and split.

Inside ray.util.tf.tf_dataset file there is implementation for tensorflow . But it has no such implemnetation. Any suggestions on how to achieve it using Ray API’s.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks @SumanthDatta. Please tag me if you do not get a response for a while.
@rliaw , any suggestions?

Hmm, I think this isn’t easy to do with TFDataset. Could you please submit a feature request on Github? Otherwise you will need to use a separate framework to create 2 different TF datasets.

@rliaw , can you tell me which framework to use. Or any efficient way to write code using ray API"s to achieve the same.

@Ameer_Haj_Ali , there is no response , i will raise a Git hub feature request.

This sounds like a good idea.