Ray compatibility with Intel arc a770 gpu

I’m new to using Apache Ray. I have an intel arc a770 gpu and I’m trying to make Ray utilize the gpu resources. After starting ray on the head node, I don’t see the gpu being detected in the dashboard. I am however able to see another gpu (Nvidia) which is also part of the cluster. Is it possible I’m missing something about Ray’s compatibility with Intel arc a770 gpus?

I’m also new to Ray, but got curious and found a couple of things:

  • Support for intel accelerator was relatively recently introduced in this PR. This PR also shows how to explicitly configure accelerators.
  • The list of supported accelerators don’t seem to include the one you are mentioning.
    I’m not sure, but get the impression that family of gpus is not supported.

Thank you so much for the references! I’m still curious as to whether there are other libraries out there which can help me make the best use of the intel arc a770 gpu. I would greatly appreciate any leads with regard to this!

Nothing related to Ray, but this thread and the associated posts seem to document a way to use this accelerator using pytorch-directml. Best of luck !