Ray 1.x <- 2.2 backwards compatibility


we are considering to update from ray 1.x to 2.2 for out internal collection of policy algorithms and environments, so we can use the new interface for upcoming algorithms (and we can slowly migrate existing ones one by one as the opportunity arises).
I found this migration guide that mentions " Don’t worry, your old code will still be supported for a long time (probably throughout all of Ray 2.x). However, at some point, RLlib will fully deprecate the execution plan API."

We are e.g. using ParallelRollouts in our existing policy implementations. On first sight this class was completely removed in ray 2.2.0 now?

So was backwards compatibility dropped in 2.2 and we would have to migrate each and every agent and environment in one go to the new approaches in order to update to the new version?

Or should we perhaps update to the last backwards compatible version (looks like this was 2.1?) which already hase (some) of the new interfaces also and stay at this version until all the legacy code is migrated?

Thanks in advance for any proposals! :slight_smile:

There exists a general Ray 2.0 migration guide:

If you have any specific questions when it comes to migration, feel free to ask them here.
I’d recommend upgrading to the newest version or Ray right away to save some time.