Ray 1.3 Autoscaler doesn't start workers

Tried to install Ray 1.3 today, but when trying to start local cluster, only head node starts, and there is no indication it even tries to start workers, no errors, nothing in monitor log… if I revert to 1.2.0, everything starts right up… any guidance? I have no idea where to start as so much is now under the hood… I deleted all cluster configs/bootstraps etc…

Hello, please check your min_workers config in the cluster configuration yaml, if its set to zero and no tasks are submitted I believe none of your workers will be started.

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I always set min_workers to the number of worker_ips, given it’s a local cluster.

it was related to the new config style… the _bootstrap config was overriding my min_workers … I had to switch to new config style and set min_workers inside the available_node_types.