Problem with usin google colab GPU

Hi everyone. I am using google colab. my problem is that Ray finds the GPU but does not use it. I have attached 4 photos named a1,a2,a3 and a4 to explain more.
a1 photo is when I use only CPU and it is normal. a2 and a3 are using 0.5 and 1 GPU respectively.
Can anyone please explain me the dashboard status? am I correct that the Ray finds the GPU?
my code is on a4, which is very simple. I appreciate any guide to use the colab GPU.
a1 = a1 — ImgBB
a4 = a4 — ImgBB

since I am allowed to share only one photo and two links I put a3, which is my main problem here:

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Hi @dezhi, it would be helpful if you could provide your script from google colab, as opposed to only screenshots, so that we can reproduce your issue. Thanks!

dear avnish, Since I can not share my data it is pointless to give the whole script. I just want to know that with such GPU usage on ray dashboard I can be sure that I am using GPU?
I dug more into my own problem and I realized that I have a simple model so I am using more CPU power for sampling and in fact the neural network is not much time and computation consuming. however I am still confused with ray dashboard stats. I know that simple NNs are better to be trained on CPU (it is faster) and the fact that I am getting faster results with 2CPU cores compare to 1CPU+1GPU is a support for my knowledge but I am not sure and need confirmation.