PB2 Error ('select_length' is not defined)

Hello! I’m attempting to use the pb2 scheduler and I’m receiving the following error when it attempts to perturb.

File ray\tune\schedulers\pb2.py", line 55, in select_config
     length = select_length(Xraw, yraw, bounds, num_f)
NameError: name 'select_length' is not defined

Here is what I’m trying to run: train.py - Pastebin.com
I have installed both scikit-learn and gpy. Any help would be appreciated.

Requirement already satisfied: scikit-learn (0.24.2)
Requirement already satisfied: gpy (1.10.0)

Hi @runedog48, this is strange. Can you add some debugging output to pb2.py to see which of the imports fails?

Alternatively, can you open a python console and type

import GPy


import sklearn

and see if it returns anything?

Which version of Python and Ray are you using?

Wish I would have thought to do this. Looks like GPy depends on matplotlib so it wasn’t importing. Works now!