On_episode_start gets called one time too much

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When I set config["evaluation_duration"] = 5, ["evaluation_interval"] = num_iterations, stop={"training_iteration": num_iterations} with tune.run(...) and then have a callback

class SomeLogger(DefaultCallbacks):
    def on_episode_start(...):
        if worker.policy_config["in_evaluation"]:

Then test get printed 6 times and I expect it to be called 5 times since evaluation evaluate 5 episode. I also have a function def on_episode_step(...) which get called n times the first 5 episodes where n is the episode length and 0 times at the 6th episode which makes sense. But ideally on_episode_start would also be called just 5 times instead of 6.

Is there a specific reason that it gets called one time extra?

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Hey @RaymondK , could it be that the extra on_episode_start call comes from the “regular” workers, responsible for collecting training samples? Can you print out the worker.worker_index and worker.num_workers in your overridden method? That could give us hint as to which set these belong?

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