Object Table exists at all of the nodes?

I just looked at Ray’s whitepaper and had some problems about object table.Does it exists at all of the nodes ? If so, when the object table in node A is changed, the object table in node B should keep consistency ? Could you please give me some information? Thank you in advance !

When the whitepaper was written it was inside GCS (the central dataplane).

Now, it is existing inside the “owner” worker. Since owner worker manages the reference of objects, all raylets can obtain this information directly from the owner.

Thanks!The object table in each worker process only maintains its own scheduled data location information, so the object tables in these workers are different, right? If an object table fails, does Ray have any remedial measures?

All objects are fate shared with the owner anyway (that’s the Ray reference counting model), so there’s no need to have remedy of object table failure (since object table failure == owner failure as object table exists inside the owner). Please refer to Ray 1.x Architecture - Google Docs