Numba type deprecation problem in a ray cluster

warnings.warn(NumbaPendingDeprecationWarning(msg, loc
(pid=19825, ip= /opt/conda/envs/cdm/lib/python3.6/site-packages/numba/c
ore/ NumbaPendingDeprecationWarning:
(pid=19825, ip= Encountered the use of a type that is scheduled for dep
recation: type ‘reflected list’ found for argument ‘sigma_x’ of function ‘dx_n’.
(pid=19825, ip=
(pid=19825, ip= For more information visit

hi @Swadhin_Agrawal_2010 do you have a code snippet to reproduce this issue, and which version of ray you are using? From the stacktrace it’s a bit hard to tell if it’s Ray’s dependency issue or the library’s dependency issue.

Hello Chen,

I am using ray 0.8.6.
I was trying to generate random numbers in function dx_n where sigma_x is List([a,b]) type variable input. I was trying to speed this up using @njit decorator of numba.

So, I was getting this deprecation warning and the code was running slow in comparison to non-ray based njit decorated code.

@Swadhin_Agrawal_2010 the version of ray you are using is probably is too old. I’d suggest using latest ray (1.6.x)