Not Recording MultiAgentEnv on Evaluation

I have a custom MultiAgentEnv that I am working with right now that I can get to render standalone with my own evaluation loop. But I can not get it to record the videos. And when I try to use the AlgorithmConfig().evaluation() method I can’t get the env to render or record. I’ve poked around a number of the related topics on this but can not seem to get anything to quite work as expected.

The things I have made sure of so far:

  • the MultiAgentEnv.metadata attribute includes "render.modes":["rgb_array","human"]
  • the MultiAgentEnv contains it’s own render() method
  • when I create the env_config for the manual evaluation loop, I’ve included both "record_env":True and "monitor":True
  • when I try to record using the AlgorithmConfig().evaluation(), I include the argument evaluation_config={"record_env":True, "render_env":True}

I’m kinda at a loss as to what else I should try to get the env to record. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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