No workable Conda version for MacOSX on Apple Silicon

How severe does this issue affect your experience of using Ray?

  • Medium: It contributes to significant difficulty to complete my task, but I can work around it.
  • I’m able to use the pypi package onto apple silicon directly and that works fine
  • I’m able to install it in a conda environment on a linux machine (e.g. on a kubernetes cluster)

When installing it in a conda environment on a mac with apple silicon (M1/M2) or on a linux docker container hosted on a mac with apple silicon, we’re unable to successfully run a local cluster to deploy jobs to.

Results in errors like:
[RayletClient] Unable to register worker with raylet. No such file or directory

When can we expect the conda-forge distribution of ray to be compatible with apple silicon? you already have it in your PyPi distribution.

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What’s your grpc version?


  • grpc-cpp v1.46.4
  • grpcio v1.46.4

@sangcho is there a version onwards that this has been resolved for? 1.57.0 maybe?

Yeah can you try 1.57? Or 1.54 (it works locally on my laptop)?