Newbie Q: how does one retrieve the intermediate results of a DAG execution?

Hi All

just trying Ray out on some simple use-cases and can’t see a way of getting intermediate results

How does one retrieve the result of b without re-executing the DAG in the below toy example?

Any help much appreciated
Thank you

import unittest
from ray import workflow
import ray

import tempfile, pathlib

ray_workflow_data = pathlib.Path(tempfile.gettempdir()) / "ray_workflow_data"

ray.init(storage=ray_workflow_data.as_uri(), local_mode=False)

def task_a():
    return 5

def task_b(x):
    return x * 2

def task_c(y):
    return y - 3

class RayTests(unittest.TestCase):
    def test_ray(self):
        a = task_a.bind()
        b = task_b.bind(a)
        c = task_c.bind(b)
        result_c =
        assert result_c == 7