Nevergrad checkpointing warning


Does anybody know why I have this warning?
ray.tune.trial_runner WARNING Trial Runner checkpointing failed: Can’t pickle <class ‘nevergrad.parametrization.choice.ChoiceTag’>: attribute lookup ChoiceTag on nevergrad.parametrization.choice failed

I’m using NevergradSearch ray_config_checkpoint_at_end=True and ray nightly 1.2.0.dev0


Hmm, @viotemp1 could you post an example script?

If you want, you can disable experiment checkpointing by setting the env var TUNE_GLOBAL_CHECKPOINT_S to something much higher (“999999”)

Ah I think I’ve seen something similar before - back then Nevergrad updated their library and introduced unpickable lambda functions. Maybe they did another upgrade. I’ll take a look sometime in the next days.