Max_seq_len of LSTM and Attention Net

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Hello everyone!
I want to train an CNN+LSTM and CNN+AttentionNet model separately. My questions are the followings:

  1. How can I set the same number of past observations passed to an LSTM and to an Attention Net?

My best quess:

  • Set LSTM config → max_seq_len=64

  • Set Att.Net config → attention_memory_training=64

Should I set max_seq_len=64 for AttentionNet too? What max_seq_len affect on Attention Net?

  1. How many prev action/reward passed to LSTM if on LSTM config I set ‘lstm_use_prev_action=True’ and ‘lstm_use_prev_reward=True’. How can I match these on Attention Net?

My best quess:

  • on LSTM this will pass 64 past reward/action.

  • on Att.Net I have to set → attention_use_n_prev_actions=64

Thank you in advance!