Long start up times


When I am trying to bring up a new cluster it typically spends tens of seconds at waiting-for-ssh stage.
This happens both when using minikube and a Kuberentes cluster.

Are there best practices to make the start up time faster?


One first option is to make your Docker image much smaller. @Dmitri might have a couple tips here!

Yeah, it’s most likely the image pull.
If you kubectl get pods during this process, you will likely see that status for the relevant pod is “Container Creating”.

If running on Minikube you can do

eval $(minikube docker-env)

then docker pull the relevant image and wait for that to complete.
after that, bringing up a new cluster should be faster.

Can you say more about the images you’re using?

@Dmitri thanks.
I am currently using the ray-ml image but may switch to a custom smaller image.