Logging to stdout

Hello Team,
I have my rayserve application running inside a docker container. It’s a single node application with both the ray head and workers running inside the same container.

I have an entrypoint.sh file containing the commands to start the ray server and the deployments (shown below)

python -m rayserve.data_helpers.download_resources
ray start --head --node-ip-address= --include-dashboard=true --dashboard-host=
serve build rayserve.deployer:deployment_graph -o config.yaml
serve deploy config.yaml
python -m rayserve.wait

Details of the commands:
download_resources → Downloads all the model files from S3 into a folder from which they are loaded into memory when the deployment objects are called

ray start --head … → Starts the ray server

serve build … → Creates a config file

serve deploy config.yaml → Starts the workers from the config file

Since serve deploy starts the deployments in the background , I invoke a wait.py file which basically does this

import time

if __name__=="__main__":
    while True:

Since serve deploy runs everything in the background, I am not able to see any application logs in the console of my container (Screenshot given below)

How do you suggest I overcome this?
And is this the recommended way of deploying the application?

Please help