Logging episode media with WandB

Hi there,

I’m currently logging some string/text from my environment with a CustomCallback:

    def on_episode_end(self, *, worker, base_env:BaseEnv, policies, episode, env_index, **kwargs):
        urls = [env.get_url() for env in base_env.get_sub_environments()]

        # store the episode trajectory url
        episode.media["url"] = urls

rllib stats reports those correctly and stores them in the results.json. Thanks @Bam4d for your contribution (How do I upload images and videos using WandbLoggerCallback)

For storing/viewing logs i want to use the WandbLoggerCallback Which works for all other metrics. Somehow media keys are not passed to the logger.

Could someone point me to the right direction to accomplish this or tell me where this fails?

Thank you very much. Any help appreciated