Log message in raylet while launch of training


I see the below log message on raylet:

E0603 09:49:19.128536667 22193 socket_utils_common_posix.cc:224] check for SO_REUSEPORT: {“created”:"@1622731759.128520399",“description”:“SO_REUSEPORT unavailable on compiling system”,“file”:“src/core/lib/iomgr/socket_utils_common_posix.cc”,“file_line”:193}

is this error related to accessing GPU?


Looks like reusing port option is not available in your machine. Do you still see an issue?

(Ray turns on this option for GRPC servers)

Yes, I see this message but the training continues to run, can you please mention the side effects of this issue?

Hmm based on the error message, it will just not reuse the port (meaning when it needs to reuse the port, e.g., when you re-run ray start), it can fail. But it seems to be harmless otherwise.

Not sure if this is related to what you are seeing, but there are some related issues online; android studio - SO_REUSEPORT unavailable on compiling system to run emulator for andriod on Ubuntu - Stack Overflow