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I would like to ask, how can I get the learning curve of the mean reward per episode per trial in a multi-agent hyperparameter search, like on the picture I attach (taken from the MADDPG paper)?

I only get scalar quantities at the end of each trial, while what I want is the mean reward across episodes for plotting reasons, and I am not sure at all how to approach that. Am I missing some obvious functionality? I am relatively new to Ray and Multi-Agent RL so excuse my questions if it is too noob-ish.

lr curve

Hi @Constantine_Bardis,

If you are using RLlib for this, then this information will be logged for you as a TensorBoard file!

  1. During your Tune run, the logdir will be printed to STDOUT:
Result logdir: <path>
  1. You can then visualize these metrics (along with others) by opening them with Tensorboard:
tensorboard --logdir <path>


Yes I managed to run them on tensorboard once I downloaded the log files locally since I presume there is no easy support when running them in Kaggle notebooks…Many thanks for the prompt reply!

I would also like to ask, from the columns that are returned, there are some that are called “hist_stats/…”. What are these? I think I have them for each agent’s rewards accumulated

Awesome! hist_stats contains some RLlib episode metrics. You can see how hist_stats is computed here.

Many thanks, I was actually curious as to how that hist stats were computed!

One final question, a little irrelevant: Do you have any tips on how to make QMIX and agent grouping work for PettingZoo? I had posed the code I wrote while trying to make it work but I never got an answer and haven’t figured it out yet…

Unfortunately I’m not familiar enough with RLlib to provide any substantial advice here. Can you post your question in the RLlib - Ray topic?