Large dataset ray dataset OOM

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I have over 400G of big training data.
I am managing with sqlite3 fotmat.
Below is the code I test.
OOM occurred during the preprocess and it is killed.
It seems that OOM occurs by preprocessing the entire data and putting it in the object store before learning.
Is there a way to preprocess every training iter and not upload that data in memory?

    ray_dataset =
            "SELECT * FROM documents LIMIT 10", create_connection

    def _preprocess(batch):
        batch["total_text"] = batch[["title", "text"]].apply(
            lambda x: "{} {}".format(x[0] or "", x[1] or ""), axis=1
        return batch.drop("title", axis=1).drop("text", axis=1)

    def _tokenize(batch):

        tokenized_output = tokenizer(
        tokenized_output["labels"] = tokenized_output["input_ids"].clone()

        return tokenized_output

    preprocessing = BatchMapper(_preprocess, batch_format="pandas")
    tokenizing = BatchMapper(_tokenize, batch_format="pandas")
    preprocessor = Chain(preprocessing, tokenizing)

Are you using an AIR Trainer? If so, could you try enabling Streaming Ingest?

Thank you for reply
i solved problem using Configuring Training Datasets — Ray 2.5.1

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