Issues with multi-app (build and deploy)


I am following this page of the documentation Deploy Multiple Applications β€” Ray 2.20.0.

I am testing on Windows 10 Enterprise and have Ray Serve 2.20.0 installed.

Issue 1
When I try to use serve build --multi-app I get the error:
Error: No such option: --multi-app

Issue 2
I proceeded to create the config.yaml file manually,
and executed successfully serve run config.yaml

But this fails:

ray start --head 
serve deploy config.yaml

with error:
requests.exceptions.HTTPError: 400 Client Error: Request on loopback from external IP for url: http://localhost:8265/api/ray/version

Could you help with the above issues please?
Thank you

Hi @g-lisi thank for reporting the issue.

For 1, I think --multi-app option is already deprecated. The api should by default construct multi-app configs. I will push a PR to update the doc.

For 2, I think you just need to start serve before you deploy the config. So something like this

ray start --head
serve start
serve deploy config.yaml

Hi @Gene,

thank you for the reply.

Issue 1, indeed removing --multi-app worked. Thank you for updating the docs.

Issue 2, I found that it’s a proxy issue, and the additional line serve start was not necessary.
I just had to run set no_proxy=localhost,


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