Is there a way to insert a custom label in the gcs table for worker nodes?

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When I call ray list nodes
I get:
======== List: 2024-01-31 13:03:37.248070 ========

Total: 80


NODE_ID                                                   NODE_IP       IS_HEAD_NODE    STATE    NODE_NAME     RESOURCES_TOTAL                   LABELS

0 0ce65ad35614176859aacb8c0203b22a127dc1c207d1600b48b99476 False ALIVE CPU: 1.0 0ce65ad35614176859aacb8c0203b22a127dc1c207d1600b48b99476
memory: 1090.667 GiB
node: 1.0
object_store_memory: 186.265 GiB
1 0ebd1eeb76c209762ae21b591194af79caf3a243b8614310fb4d0509 False DEAD CPU: 1.0 0ebd1eeb76c209762ae21b591194af79caf3a243b8614310fb4d0509

and I see that the label and the node_id are redundant info. I’m running a ray cluster within a slurm cluster. I would like to associate the label with the slurm_id so that gcs contains a mapping from node_id to slurm_id. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance to any reply.