Is `ray.util.connect` (client/server) now available on ray 1.x?

At one point (several months ago, now) I was told that the new client/server connect was a ray 2.x feature, but I am seeing mentions of using ray.util.connect on ray 1.x docs. Has client/server been backported?

I think ray.util.connect has been available since Ray 1.2.0

(Latest release is 1.4.0)

Hi @Erik_Erlandson all of our Ray development is in a 2.0 branch. This practice leads to some confusion, but what it essentially means is that everything in master branch is potentially a 1.X feature.

I see - then let me apologize in advance for my pre-recorded ray summit talk where I spend an entire slide being objectively wrong about ray 1.x not having client/server connect :grimacing: