Installing v2 via pip or somehow

if I use pip the latest tag is 1.2.0 but there is no tag for version 2, now if I check the docs it says to use some wheel from s3 but actually I cannot see in there the list of wheels for my architecture. Also the release process link to the docs does not exist, even though it is a beta shouldn’t we have a tag for v2?

I am not a ray developer :slight_smile: But as far as I know ray 2.0 is not yet released, so all you can do is installing nightlies, they have a pretty good documentation here:

You can always install a specific commit from master like this one for mac:

pip install

the commit-id you need to look it up in github, your os you need to change acordingly and also your python version

I would recommend using the nightly installation instructions, because they are working pretty fine and would only suggest to use commits if you want to make sure to install the same version on two different days

What is you os btw, because they have a os-python matrix on the same side, you should be able to just copy the links from there, those are the wheels


Well, I would not like to use in production something which is not released, plus I cannot see the list of commits in the s3 buckets, so I need to guess it. That is my problem.

As far as I understood it and it worked fine for me (all commits are in the s3 bucket), but all of them are not released, so if you really want to have v2 you need to wait for it for beeing released

V2 just means the master. The next version will be Ray 1.3, and the ETA is April 5th (can be postponed if there are issues in testing).

OK thanks, I prefer to wait for the release, although I’m eager to have it, as there are more things about logging

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