I'm having trouble rendering my custom environment

Question :
I’m having trouble rendering my custom environment.

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Hello everyone, I’m currently working on this project: ‘GitHub - Maxalaar/Ant_Colony: This project aims to simulate the functioning of an ant colony with the help of deep reinforcement learning.’. I just upgraded the project to version 2.4.0. However, I’m facing an issue where the rendering is not displaying, and I’m getting the following warning message: ‘Could not import gymnasium.envs.classic_control.rendering! Try pip install gymnasium[all]’. I have checked, and ‘gymnasium.envs.classic_control.rendering’ does not exist (refer to: Gymnasium/gymnasium/envs/classic_control at main · Farama-Foundation/Gymnasium · GitHub). I’m unsure about what to do next and I need some assistance.

Gym and gymnasium recently changed their rendering APIs; they now use the Misc Wrappers - Gymnasium Documentation wrapper. We’ll migrate accordingly, please follow Environment rendering not supported with gymnasium · Issue #33032 · ray-project/ray · GitHub for now.