How to setup a custom multi-agent convolutional neural network

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I am implementing a graph convolutional network as a custom model to estimate the Q-values with a DQN. Essentially, my GCN has 3 convolutional layers, and a readout layer followed by a fully connected neural network which estimates the Q-values associated with each action.
However, I am having some trouble outputting the Q-values estimated by the final layer of the network as, apparently RLlib tries to pass it to another FC layer with 256 inputs.

(RolloutWorker pid=89182)   File "/home/malin/anaconda3/envs/marl/lib/python3.9/site-packages/torch/nn/modules/", line 114, in forward
(RolloutWorker pid=89182)     return F.linear(input, self.weight, self.bias)
(RolloutWorker pid=89182) RuntimeError: mat1 and mat2 shapes cannot be multiplied (32x5 and 256x256)

Currently, in the simulation there are 2 agents, and this is the algorithm configuration:

ModelCatalog.register_custom_model("GCN_V1_1", HetGCN)
ModelCatalog.register_custom_model("GCN_V1_2", HetGCN)

def gen_policy(i):
        config = {
            "model": {
                "custom_model": ["GCN_V1_1", "GCN_V1_2"][i % 2],
                "custom_model_config": {
                    "params_s" : params_s,
                    "params_t" : params_t,
            "no_final_linear": True,
            "gamma": [0.95, 0.99],
        return PolicySpec(None, observation_space=obs_space,action_space=act_space,
    policies = {"policy_{}".format(i): gen_policy(i) for i in range(2)}
    policy_ids = list(policies.keys())

env_name = "uam_v1"

    register_env(env_name, lambda config: ParallelPettingZooEnv(env_creator()))

    stop = {
        "timesteps_total": 2000e3,

    learning_rate_start = 2e-4
    learning_rate_end = 1e-5
    n_timesteps = 1000*args.num_episodes

        "env": env_name,
        "log_level": "DEBUG",
        "framework": "torch",
        "num_gpus": args.num_gpus,
        "seed": seed,
        "num_workers": args.num_workers,
        "num_envs_per_worker": 1,

        "batch_mode": "truncate_episodes",
        "_disable_preprocessor_api": True,

        "gamma": 0.99,

        "rollout_fragment_length": 512,
        "train_batch_size": 20,

        "model": {"custom_model": "GCN_V1_1",
                  "custom_model_config": {
                        "params_s" : params_s,
                        "params_t" : params_t,

        "multiagent": {
            "policies": policies,
            "policy_mapping_fn": (lambda agent_id: policy_ids[agent_id]),

    results =
        local_dir="~/ray_results/" + env_name,

Especially, I tried using "no_final_linear": True but it seems have no effect. I can see q-values are being computed by the GCN, but how can I stop it from being forwarded to another FC network by RLlib? Thanks in advance!

Hi @malin ,

In order to debug this, could you please fill in your repro script with params_s, params_t and HetGCN? A full repro script would be good. Other than that, 256 is our default if we construct models in DQN ourselves and fcnet_hiddens is not provided