How to save models after

Hi !

I have been able to train a model using

trainer = TensorflowTrainer(...)

and call

result =

everything works fine, now; when the model finished training, I need to actually load the trained model and serialize it using own code (since we have a model registry)

However, I didn’t find anywhere how to do it, especially in Ray’s official documentation. Those examples usually ends after result =

If I use

result.checkpoint.load_model(), it failed; saying i need to supply model argument in load_model

if I use

checkpoint = result.checkpoint
self.model = keras.models.load_model("/tmp/test_checkpoint")

If failed also (saying there is no SavedModel in the folder)

We are using Ray 2.6.1. What is the documented way to get the trained model after calling


Hi @cartml,

How are you creating your checkpoint? In general the recommended way to do this would be something like this:

def train_func():
    with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() as tmpdir:
        # todo: save your checkpoint to tmpdir in whatever format you want
        # example: + "/test_checkpoint")
        checkpoint = Checkpoint.from_directory(tmpdir){...}, checkpoint=checkpoint)

trainer = TensorTrainer(train_func, ...)
result =

 # todo: load your checkpoint 
 # example: keras.models.load_model(some_local_path + "/test_checkpoint")

The way that you can think about is that:

  1. Within the training function, you are creating a directory that you can store whatever checkpoint data you want.
  2. When you fetch the checkpoint at the end, you can “recreate” that directory locally.