How to pass objects to workers of Ray's DataParallelTrainer?

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We are trying to build a training framework over Ray’s DataParallelTrainer. For that we need a way to pass an object to training_loop_per_worker. From documentations, it appears we can only pass a train_loop_config[ray/ at 44ef068bd1edbe3e54818c22ccd12a7dd50937f1 · ray-project/ray · GitHub] to each train function. So, is there a way to pass an object to training_loop_per_worker?

train_loop_config can be a dictionary.
you can save your object under a special key and retrieve it from your training_loop_per_worker?

@pratkpranav Following on @gjoliver advice, you could do something like this in the DataParallelTrainer

import ray
from ray.air import session

def train_loop_for_worker(config):
    dataset_shard_for_this_worker = session.get_dataset_shard("train")
    my_object = config.get("key")

    assert len(dataset_shard_for_this_worker) == 1

train_dataset =[1, 2, 3])
assert len(train_dataset) == 3

trainer = DataParallelTrainer(
     train_loop_config = {"key": <value>}
    datasets={"train": train_dataset},
result =

Thanks for the reply @Jules_Damji @gjoliver. I am looking into this.