How to limit number of concurrent tasks in dask on ray?

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I’m super happy with the stability on dask on ray on kuberay but at the moment I think the only way to control the amount of parallelism is by tweaking the number of dask array chunks (e.g., one chunk == 1 task?)

Is there another way? Because if I have a (delayed) 1 PB dask array the chuck size is getting quite large (exceeding one worker’s main memory) to make sure not too many tasks are running in parallel

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Some documents I found:

Maybe you can also specify worker group’s maxReplicas (example). Autoscaler will not make worker Pods more than maxReplicas. It may prevent the additional workers from causing the Kubernetes cluster OOM as you mentioned in the Stack Overflow post.

The problem is that Ray fires all 233280 tasks at Ray at the same time and Ray at the same time tries to start additional workers but then eventually needs to kill them again because of out of memory (OOM) errors