How to install linux package using runtime environment in ray Kubernetes cluster

I have deployed a ray cluster on GCP Kubernetes and I am running ray task on that cluster using ray job submission and using runtime environment for pip packages, I want to install packages like “FFmpeg”, “chromaprint” using the runtime environment, how can I install those Linux packages, please suggest the way.

Thanks in advanced

One option is to build those into the container image you’re using, by using the official Ray image as base.

It’s probably not possible to specify debian packages to apt-get in a runtime env. I’ll defer to the experts for further insights cc @architkulkarni

Hi @Ajinkya_Deshmukh, @Dmitri is right that we don’t have a way to specify apt-get packages in the runtime_env. If this is something that would be useful to you, would you mind filing a feature request? Sign in to GitHub · GitHub