How to get the logdir of current run when using a function together with Tuner

I have a function that I am using together with Tuner.
Within the function call I would like to fetch the logdir of the current “run” (not sure if it is called run).
The logdir would look something like: run_99d21_00000_0_2022-10-07_14-37-42
Using ray.air.session.get_trial_name() I am able to get the first part: run_99d21_00000, but how can I get also the second part?
My use case is that I would like to re-use the name of the logdir when storing other data.

Can you try out session._status_reporter.logdir ?

I was not able to run session._status_reporter.logdir, giving an error message that _status_reporter does not exist. At least this was the case for ray.air.session.

Instead I importd the session from Tune Trainable:

from ray.tune.trainable import session